Creative product development to provide high-quality generic drugs

Our R&D department makes use of NIHON CHOUZAI Group's strengths and devotes itself to research and development that takes into account patients' needs.

An R&D system that Listens to Patients' Needs

Our development department investigates the clinical usage, efficacy and safety of the original drug and designs products which take the patients' needs into account. An efficient and precise information control system is used from the design stage of product development to regulatory approval and marketing, so that a generic drug can be brought to market in a rapid and timely manner.

Tsukuba Research Laboratories Backed Up by an Ideal Environment and the Latest Facilities

The mission of our pharmaceutical research laboratory is to make sure that all elements necessary for providing high-quality, inexpensive generic drugs are incorporated into the R&D drug list in every possible way.

- Analytical Research

The quality and stability of generic drugs are verified exhaustively with the analytical capacity of the latest equipment and reliable technologies. The generic drug is compared with the original drug to confirm whether it offers comparable efficacy and safety.

- Formulation Research

Providing economical, high-quality generic drugs to doctors and patients starts with Formulation Research. This is where cutting-edge technology is used to develop formulations that are easy for patients to use and easy to handle in clinical practice.