Quality assurance system focusing on compliance

In our manufacturing areas, hygiene is strictly managed.
We have established a process by which high-quality pharmaceuticals are manufactured using the latest equipment and reliable techniques.

Begun In-house Manufacturing to Meet the Growing Demand for Generic Drugs with a Stable Supply

In addition to maintaining and strengthening our relationships with cooperative suppliers, we have begun to manufacture generic drugs independently in order to establish a stable supply system that can meet the growing demand for generic drugs.
We have built a production line that has the latest software and hardware in addition to introducing a GMP*-based production control system. Furthermore, we bring wide-reaching efficiency and automation to the manufacturing process.

*GMP: “Good Manufacturing Practice” Production control and quality control standards for pharmaceuticals

Bringing Safe, High-quality Generic Drugs to Patients

Our mission is to keep producing generic drugs that patients can trust.
To achieve this, our well-trained staff use the latest facilities to ensure strict quality control according to the stringent rules of GMP.

- Quality Control
The drugs that are manufactured at Our plants are inspected by a stringent GMP-based quality control system - from the acceptance testing of raw materials to the shipment testing of finished products. Skilled testing staff use the latest analysis equipment to carry out strict quality checks, providing dedicated quality control at all times so that patients can trust our products.

- Quality Assurance
Our Plants regularly provide detailed training and education in compliance with GMP in an effort to improve the GMP level of the manufacturing and quality departments.
Furthermore, the products manufactured at our plants are not shipped from the warehouse to the distribution center until the results of the manufacturing and testing by the production control and quality control departments have been carefully reviewed by quality control department managers and the staff who are authorized to decide whether or not to ship the products.